TWO salespeople tricked an Alicante woman, 71, into losing €2,900 with a lie about cancelling a previous payment plan.

A man and woman have been arrested by the Policia Nacional.

One of the sellers had dealt with the elderly customer before when working for another company.

They appeared at her home to sell her an exercise bike, a coffee maker, and a fryer.

The salesperson that she knew said they now worked for a different firm.

He said that if she made a bank transfer to him of a full payment for the new goods, he’d cancel the instalments that she was still paying to the retailer he used to work for.

The very tempting offer was accepted and the new items arrived a few days later.

The woman’s instalment payments for previous purchases were not cancelled and she ended up with an overdrawn bank account.

Her account was frozen and she started to get calls from the old company demanding money and threatening action against her which would involve ‘losing her pension’.

The victim spoke to the firm’s manager and learned that at least other 11 customers had also been contacted by their former salesperson.

The unnamed company is now taking civil action against their ex-employee for misusing client lists.

The elderly victim filed a complaint with the Policia Nacional, who also spoke to other people hood-winked by the sellers.

Her bank account is now back into the black and she has recovered part of the swindled money.


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