A Valencian Community hospitality association says bars and restaurants will ‘close soon’ due to the truckers strike, with thousands of jobs on the line.

SOS Hostelria president, Fidel Molina, has appealed to Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, to ‘make a move’ to restore supplies.

Molina says bars and restaurants will start ‘closing soon’ due to a lack of basic products such as beer, coffee, milk, and water.

SOS Hostelería contra las limitaciones a la explotación de máquinas tipo B  | Yogonet Latinoamérica

The unofficial truckers strike began on March 14 with major suppliers threatening to temporarily suspend production as their intake of materials has ground to a trickle.

Heineken-Cruzcampo; Estrella Galicia, Mahou-San Miguel, and Danone are some of the high profile companies on the suspension list.

Fidel Molina said: “This situation endangers the viability of thousands of businesses and jobs in the hospitality industry which has been unfairly punished for more than two years.”

With hopes that Easter tourism numbers could return to 2019 pre-pandemic levels, the Federation of Leisure and Tourism of the Valencian Community (FOTUR) is also hearing concerns from members about the implications of the truckers strike.

FOTUR says that members are not suffering from shortages at the moment, but smaller businesses with reduced storage capacity may run out soon of products.

Milk and dairy-based products appear to be hit the most in the supply chain.


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