POLICE in Valencia City have arrested a married couple after a violent brawl with both parties suffering injuries.

A Policia Nacional patrol was sent to a property in the Patraix area of the city on Thursday evening.

Emergency services got a call saying that a woman was apparently attacking a man.

Officers entered the house and talked to the husband, 30, who told them that his wife, 38, had hit him on the head with a rolling pin.

The claim appeared to be true as officers noticed a bulging bruise on his head.

He said he was struck several times on his body by the rolling pin and that his partner then got hold of a knife which cut one of his fingers.

She also threatened to stab him in the genitals.

The wife told police that her husband started the fight after pulling her hair and striking her several times.

The couple were both arrested and charged with committing a crime of family abuse.

The man has an existing police record.


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