A RESTAURANT bill dodger has once again proved there is no such thing as a free lunch. 

Hamburglar Antonio Miguel Grimal fell back into his old ways and tried to flee without paying for a burger on Sunday (March 27) – mere days after being released from prison. 

We previously reported that the 47-year-old from Zaragoza was cuffed on March 9 after he refused to pay a €70 bill. 

The fraudster told officers that he had no money on him and no intention of paying for what he had eaten. 

The crook was sent to prison but on his release went straight back to skipping payment in a Zaragoza restaurant. 

On Sunday, he was arrested again after refusing to pay a €47 bill at a hamburger restaurant. 

According to El Periodico de Aragon he told police:  “I know you already know who I am, though I don’t know you.” 

The fraudster was first tried for identical offences in 2017 but a Supreme Court ruling overturned penalties in two hearings that gave him a four-year jail term and a fine in excess of €3,500.

Senior judges said lumping together ‘minor crimes’ produced a disproportionate punishment.

They let him off with a €270 fine and the requirement to pay two restaurants for his initially free meals.

Grimal has been arrested over 30 times since 2016 for the same crime.


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