A Denia scammer tricked at least 17 online customers to pay for a video game console that he never sent.

The Spaniard, 44, has been arrested by the Policia Nacional and charged with multiple counts of fraud.

He used a prominent online portal to charge between €515 and €580 for the console.

Purchasers transferred money through an online app or via a bank transfer but received nothing for their payment.

Victims filed complaints across Spain with 17 courts initiating proceedings against him.

The conman also fooled people online with promises of a ‘get rich quick’ investment where clients could get triple the amount of money they gave him ‘within a short while’.

One woman sent him €4,628 and he ended up meeting her three times to have sex.

The man has an extensive criminal record for similar transgressions, and his latest cons are said to have netted him €13,714.


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