Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Woman in Spain’s Andalucia conned out of €170,000 by man pretending to be Brad Pitt

A GRANADA woman has been scammed out of at least €170,000 by an online con involving somebody posing as the movie star Brad Pitt. Her...

Computer company employee stole over €92,000 after first week at work in Spain’s Mallorca

A COMPUTER company worker in Palma has been jailed for four years and nine months after stealing €92,306 from her employee just a few...

Extortion racket blackmailed men making online prostitute bookings via bogus adverts in Spain’s Valencia

A VALENCIA extortion racket pocketed over €180,000 from men looking to book a prostitute via a bogus website. Customers were blackmailed for not going through...

Benidorm and Pamplona romance scammers in Spain conned money out of women looking for love

TWO romance scammers have been arrested by the Policia Nacional and charged with defrauding victims across Europe of over €20,000. The men, of Nigerian nationality,...

Costa Blanca swindlers charge thousands of euros for home renovation in Spain but do virtually nothing

TWO home renovators have been arrested in Elche for pocketing over €52,000 and hardly doing any work. The Policia Nacional believe there may be other...

Online Costa Blanca scammer tricked people across Spain into buying expensive video game consoles that he never sent

A Denia scammer tricked at least 17 online customers to pay for a video game console that he never sent. The Spaniard, 44, has been...

Woman swindled out of €20,000 in online romance scam by bogus doctor in Spain’s Murcia region

A conman swindled €20,000 out of a woman looking for love as he pretended to be a 'prestigious' South American doctor. The 34-year-old Nigerian trickster...

Fraudsters charge anti-vaxxers in Spain up to €1,000 for bogus COVID-19 passports and PCR test results

SEVEN members of a gang who sold fake COVID-19 passports to anti-vaxxers have been arrested by the Policia Nacional in Spain. The Spanish branch of...




Exposed: How a gang paid Spanish women to marry foreign expats in bid to gain them residency

THE Policia Nacional have arrested 32 people in Andalucia for their involvement in a 'marriage of convenience' scam that enabled foreigners to get Spanish...


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