A COMPUTER company worker in Palma has been jailed for four years and nine months after stealing €92,306 from her employee just a few days after being hired.

The 32-year-old Spanish woman was also fined €945 by a Palma court and has been ordered to return all the money she stole.

The court managed to intercept €7,000 which will be returned to the firm.

It was revealed that the woman has a record of similar crimes and began working at the company in November 2022 as an account executive.

Her job included reconciling accounts and making payment transfers to suppliers which meant she had the access codes for a digital banking platform which had the firm’s account.

The woman had the full confidence of her bosses, but a week after starting work she started making transfers from the company’s bank account to her own account using her employer’s mobile phone to get digital authorisation.

She was arrested for fraud on December 29 but she had already crossed paths with the police earlier that month.

The scammer was the subject of a complaint from the owners of an apartment she rented but never paid them any money.

The woman told the property owners that she was a well-paid person and worked in the accounting department of a law firm in Palma.

She even provided them with a bogus payslip and several bank receipts to convince them that she would be a reliable tenant.

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