A GRANADA woman has been scammed out of at least €170,000 by an online con involving somebody posing as the movie star Brad Pitt.

Her solicitor has filed a legal complaint for fraud, identity theft, and money laundering, but no arrest has been made.

The middle-aged victim joined a Brad Pitt fan club on social media and eventually believed that she was in direct contact with the actor himself.

The woman’s lawyer, Antonio Estella Aroza, told the Efe news agency that the fraudster gained the ‘trust, friendship and even the love of the victim’ with a relationship that became almost like that of a couple.

The scammer even promised to come to Spain where he would do a movie with the victim, at which point he began to demand different amounts of money through bank transfers to cover his expenses over the bogus film project.

During this period, the person posing as Brad Pitt even sent her images of his alleged attendance at red carpet premieres and even some photos with a message directly addressed to the woman.

The penny eventually dropped for the fan who realised that she had been scammed as his promises did not materialise and she instigated legal proceedings.


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