SPAIN’S meteorological agency AEMET has confirmed that March 2022 was one of the wettest months in Spain in 61 years.

In fact, the accumulated precipitation during the month of March has been higher than the normal value in practically all the national territory with the exception of some areas in the north of the peninsula, Tenerife and the south of Gran Canaria.

According to AEMET last month, March, has become the fourth wettest month of the 21st century and the sixth wettest since records began in 1961.

The monthly climate balance provided by Spain’s Met Office indicates that the average rainfall over mainland Spain was 104 millimetres—223% more than the normal value during the reference period— while in the Balearic Islands it was 66 (174% more) and in the Canary Islands, 40 (120% more).

In addition to being a very wet month, March has also been registered (and this may not come as a surprise) as the least sunny in Spain in the last 39 years, with just 127.5 hours of sunshine on average—44% below normal.

By comparison, countries such as Croatia, Denmark, Austria, Germany and Poland, among others, enjoyed between 220 and 250 hours of sunshine on average, while Northern Ireland and Scotland also exceeded the Spanish figures by recording 182.9 and 155 hours respectively.

Last month has also gone down in the books as the eighth coldest March of the 21st century and the 29th since records began in 1961.


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