A kiosk selling sweets in Alicante’s Pla district sold more than confectionary as the owner traded cocaine to earn ‘extra money’.

A man, 30, has been arrested by the Policia Nacional after confessing to drug trafficking.

Residents had strong suspicions that the trader was using his sweet business as a front for drug dealing and reported him.

Police kept a watch on the kiosk and then confronted the owner.

Small green pouches of cocaine, ready for sale, were found in his pockets.

Cocaine Pouches Among Seized Items

The man even kept a notebook documenting his cocaine trading.

Officers also discovered a letter from a resident berating the man for his illegal activities.

The Policia Nacional praised the contribution of local people to bringing the kiosk owner to justice over his clandestine cocaine dealing.

The Columbian national has no previous criminal record.


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