A British woman, 46, has been arrested at Valencia’s Manises airport for trying to fly out with 15 kilos of marijuana in her suitcase.

Two plain-clothed Policia Nacional officers were carrying out surveillance work to counter thefts prompted by a significant recent rise in travellers.

The officers spotted a nervous and restless-looking woman glancing at one of their colleagues with a sniffer dog, as she checked in a large suitcase.

They noticed that her demeanour relaxed after she moved to the boarding and passenger control area.

They suspected her suitcase might contain some illicit substances, and so it was quickly located with the help of a dog.

A full scan confirmed that something suspicious was inside and the Brit was intercepted before boarding her London-bound flight.

She was taken to the airport police station and ordered to open the case which contained 14 packs of marijuana.

The detainee, with no previous record, was taken to court as opposed to heading back to the UK.


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