HOSPITALS in Spain will be opening their doors to wounded victims of the war in Ukraine.

Full details of the plan have still to be ironed out.

Defence Minister, Margarita Robles, said on Wednesday that people injured in the bombing and fighting will be cared for.

Robles told Congress that it was an example of the ‘degree of commitment that government was showing for Ukraine’.

It’s not clear yet whether military personnel would be looked after in Spain and what level of injuries will be treated.

On a wider level, Robles said: “The government’s position is to be with the Ukrainians, to support them, defend them and to condemn Putin’s war- a man who has created a world situation that nobody would have expected in the 21st century.”

In reference to the unity between the European Union and Nato, Robles said: “We are showing what we Europeans are capable of when we put aside any splits.”

“The full strength of the Union has been revealed when its member states act in coordination”, she added.


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