GUARDIA Civil officers have saved an abandoned newborn baby who was wrapped in blankets close to a derelict property in San Isidro.

The boy’s mother, a 39-year-old Swiss national, has been charged with child abandonment and jailed by an Orihuela court.

Arrested Woman

The baby’s doing well in hospital and nurses have named him Noa.

A lorry driver notified the Guardia that he saw a woman with blood-covered legs carrying a bundle of blankets in her arms.

He said that he was convinced that he spotted the tiny limb of a baby.

A Guardia patrol from Almoradi travelled to the area close to an industrial estate in San Isidro.

They located the woman who denied everything the lorry driver said and refused treatment from paramedics.

Not believing the woman, the officers carried out a thorough search of the surrounding area, including a visit to the ruined house where she gave birth.

One hundred metres away they discovered some blankets rolled into a pile behind some drums

Inside the blankets was the baby, with its umbilical cord still attached.

Though there were some symptoms of dehydration, the little boy was breathing well and was taken to hospital.

The baby is currently under the supervision of Valencian social services.


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