MALAGA shopkeepers are angry about proposals which could see the sale of alcohol banned after the Malaga feria. 

The festivities for the famous festival start on Saturday August 15 and ending the following Saturday and brings with it the free flowing of drinks.

However, Malaga council is considering a ban on shops selling alcohol when the feria ends which is normally by 6pm each day.

Elisa Perez de Siles, a councillor for Malaga council said: “We are looking at ways to stop people holding impromptu parties in the city centre after the official celebrations have ended.”

Malaga Feria Snip
The feria commemorates the taking of the city by Catholic Monarchs Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon on 18 August 1487.
Photo: Wikipedia.

It is thought that a record number of people will attend the feria, eager to celebrate the famous event after two years of Covid related cancellations. 

If put in place, the band would only concern shops with bars and pubs not affected. 

The Confederation of Food and Perfume Retailers (CAEA) said any ban ‘would contravene its members’ right to trade freely’.

The president of the CAEA, Sergio Cuberos said: “This measure, instead of focusing on the people holding drinking parties in the street and how the Local Police can control them, will penalise supermarkets which have a legal licence to open and sell. It is totally unfair.”

The feria normally represents a bumper day of sales for local shops as thousands of locals and tourists descend on the city centre to celebrate.


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