A British man had a wedding night to forget on Mallorca after hitting his wife and being carted off to jail.

The young couple flew to the island for a dream wedding at noon last Friday in a property in the Calvia municipality.

The drinks started to flow and the party moved to a Peguera establishment where the groom was reportedly drinking ‘huge amounts of alcohol’.

The boozed-up new husband started to get aggressive and Calvia Policia Local responded to a call at around 8.45 pm which said he had just attacked his wife.

The bride left the premises while her new partner-in-life resisted police officers and was arrested for family mistreatment.

The woman returned and could not find her husband, as she was unaware that he had been arrested.

Calvia police handed over the man to the custody of the Guardia Civil who threw him into a cell.

The couple and witnesses were interviewed by the Guardia.

It’s been reported that the woman has refused to press charges.

Police described it as an ‘unprecedented’ case and commented that they could not remember the last time any man struck his new wife at their wedding party.


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