SPAIN’S defence minister has warned there’s a chance of a Russian-originated cyberattack to coincide with next week’s NATO summit in Madrid.

On a visit to an army base on Friday, Margarita Robles was asked by journalists whether she feared a cyberattack and what measures were being taken to combat it.

Robles said: “For security reasons, I can’t say a lot but we are working very seriously over the issue of all aspects of security.”

“The possibility of a cyberattack exists and the only thing I can say is to congratulate the work being done by the State security forces and the National Intelligence Centre,” she added.

Robles stressed that it will be ‘an historical moment which will be very important for Spain and for Madrid with many challenges and many threats, but there are many people working precisely to prevent any situation that could affect security.”

“This is an historic summit that will mark the path of NATO for the next ten years, “ commented Robles.

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