A SCHEME to create a more welcoming environment for the LGBTQ+ community in Gibraltar will invite people to ‘Ask for Clive’.

Stickers with the slogan on a rainbow background have appeared at venues and businesses across the Rock in the run up to Gibraltar’s Pride celebrations on Saturday June 25.

“So far, more than a dozen local venues including bars, supermarkets, restaurants and hotels have signed up and are already displaying the stickers on their premises – and it’s hoped many more will follow suit,” said a spokesperson from the Royal Gibraltar Police (RGP) which is backing the initiative.

‘Ask for Clive’ is a UK-based charity that puts large stickers in a visible locations to let people know that discrimination will not be tolerated in that establishment.

Ask For Clive Photo
Ask For Clive stickers are appearing in businesses across Gibraltar. Photo: RGP

PC Allan Bartram, the RGP’s LGBTQ+ Liaison Officer, said: “Should a customer see or encounter any form of abuse on the premises they can speak to a member of staff who may resolve the issue in-house or contact police on their behalf.”

Hate incidents should be reported to the RGP via the Control Room on 200 72500 or online at www.police.gi/report-online.


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