MADRID has become the world’s capital of pedigree pooches this weekend, hosting a huge international dog show. 

Think Crufts but on an even larger scale – 16,500 dogs and 12,000 professional breeders are travelling to Spain from 50 countries around the world just to take part in the event. 

The calibre of the event was liften even higher when Queen Sofia of Spain inaugurated the event. 

There will be some 250 different breeds competing in the show of which 30 pedigrees are considered extremely rare. 

The dogs are all competing to be crowned as World’s Best Dog in the competition held at Madrid’s Ifema conference centre. 

Preparation for the show is intense. Hairdressers prep the pooches before the parade in front of the judges.

But it’s not all about beauty – the dogs must also face agility tests and obstacle courses.


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