A STUDY has revealed the areas of Malaga where tourists are most likely to be robbed.

Malaga in general is a very safe city and perhaps one of the most hospitable places to visit in the world, but that doesn’t mean you should let your guard down: petty crime exists, mostly around tourist landmarks and crowded places such as bus and train stations, airports or shopping centers.

A study carried out by three professors from the University of Malaga has shown the hot spot areas where petty crime and theft take place against tourists in Malaga.

According to professors Alfonso Cereza Medina, Antonio Pelaez Verdet and Juan Francisco Sortino Barrionuevo the three main hotspot places known to be crawling with pickpockets are: Malaga’s historic center, its monuments and winding streets makes it an inviting place for a leisurely stroll but also a prime place to be pickpocketed.

This is followed by Muelle 1 (Quay One), a modern waterfront open-air mall with restaurants and bars on one side and luxury yachts on the other. A popular place for tourists and robbers.

La Malagueta, located next to Muello 1 and bounded by a beach with the same name on its other side, is also a hotspot for petty crime according to this recent study.

The study also highlights El Perchel Sur neighbourhood, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Malaga which many tourists find fascinating to explore, a place where precautions should be taken to avoid being targeted by pickpockets.

The popular tourist landmarks are the places where the majority of petty crime against tourists visiting the city take place, however, as pointed out by Pelaez, the thefts are ‘minor crimes’ which do not involve violence, meaning that ‘Malaga is a fairly safe city.’


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