BY Livia Cockerell

Since the Murcian Health Service initiated a breast milk donation service back in March 2021, around 1,000 litres of milk has been donated to 160 babies in the region.

If a baby is premature, complications with the mother can sometimes mean that she is unable to provide breast milk immediately to the child. 

However, it is essential for ensuring the stability of a premature newborn. 

It can prevent complications such as the risk of necrotizing enterocolitis, a serious gastrointestinal problem that underweight babies can be vulnerable to.

In the region of Murcia, 230 women have already donated breast milk which has been given to newborns that weigh less than 1.5 kilos or who are born before 32 weeks.

Women are interviewed as part of the scheme and must have a health check before they are able to donate. 

Once they are approved by the hospital, the milk they provide is frozen before it is transported to Arrixaca Hospital in Cartagena.

Upon arriving at the hospital, the milk is analysed, pasteurised and frozen once again.

Newborns are able to have access to the milk upon permission from either the mother or father.

In order to organise an interview, possible donors can call either 968369802 in Murcia or 968110799 in Cartagena.

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