THE national rail operator, Renfe, plans to recover one of the ‘forgotten’ AVE high-speed trains from Malaga to Madrid.

Back in May, Spain’s national railway company recovered 100% of the Cercanias line services on the Costa del Sol and launched the Avant link to Granada, but seemed to ‘forget’ about the AVE high-speed train service from Malaga to Madrid, maintaining between three to five fewer daily AVE departures from the Costa del Sol to the Spanish capital.

Since the lifting of Covid restrictions, the Malaga – Madrid service has seen a growth in demand, but not in the number of trains running, meaning users have struggled to access the service, especially at weekends and trains have been jam-packed.

Fortunately, Renfe has just announced that as of July 15 it will recover one of the ‘lost’ services bringing the total number of daily connections to eleven.

Despite this additional connection, the service remains two down from the thirteen daily services the railway company had running between Malaga – Madrid in the summer of 2019.

As announced this Monday by the president of the company, Isaias Taboas, from July 15, the percentage of Malaga’s replacement in the high-speed connection with Madrid will be ‘equivalent’ to that of Valencia and ‘much higher’ than those of Barcelona, Girona, Tarragona or Zaragoza.

“I am sure that in a few months we will have all the frequencies Malaga needs and, above all, the number of seats that the province requires for tourist connections, mainly with Madrid,” he said.


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