The USO union, which represents Ryanair’s cabin crew in Spain, has condemned the decision to lay off seven cabin crew members.

According to the union, they were sacked for ‘not obeying illegal orders from the airline’.

Three cabin crew were fired from Malaga airport, two in Barcelona, one in Girona and one in Santiago de Compostela, according to a statement from USO.

The head of USO, Ernesto Iglesias claims the reasons given in the dismissal letters are unjustified and potentially illegal.

“Working inspectors have already told Ryanair that they have to comply with the right to strike of their workers,” said Ernesto Iglesias in a statement.

Ernesto also said that during meetings with Ryanair over industrial action, cabin crew were concerned that they would have to work on flights without sufficient numbers to accommodate passengers as well as not being granted long enough breaks.

The rep also claimed that it was strange that all of the workers fired were members of the same union which is responsible for starting the industrial action.


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