A PARROT that had been stolen from Alhaurin last May, has been found and returned to his owners.

Thanks to the bird’s frequent and insistent calls to ‘Amanda’ and collaboration of local residents, the bird, an African Grey parrot that had been reported stolen on May 19, was finally reunited with its owners and beloved ‘Amanda,’ the owner’s daughter.

The African grey’s repetitive calls to ‘Amanda’ were key to solving the mystery of the stolen bird.

Once the owners had reported the theft of the family pet, they also began a campaign asking people to help find Willy.

Rumours of the missing bird spread from where the family lived in Los Pinos de Alhaurin all the way to Torrealqueria which is where the bird was found, or rather heard, as it was thanks to residents living in Torrealqueria who rang the police when they suspected that the stolen parrot was being kept in a property in the area.

The case is now being investigated by the Guardia Civil as African Grey parrots are worth a lot of money on the black market because they are highly intelligent with an incredible memory and ability to remember and repeat words.


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