A gang plundered over 20 service station shops across the Valencia Community in a spree of overnight robberies.

They smashed through shop windows and doors to rifle for money from vending machines and carried out cigarette machines in garbage bags.

The thieves used hammers and other tools to get into premises at night.

The four-man crew even hid the tobacco machines close to their targeted petrol station before returning the next day to pick them up when the chances of a police check were greatly reduced.

Gang Member Arrested

The team consisted of a getaway driver, a lookout, and two people who carried out the robberies.

Service stations were hit in Buñol, Canals, Chiva, Godelleta, Montesa, Siete Aguas, Villagordo del Cabriel, and Villajoyosa.

Guardia Civil raids in Mislata and Villajoyosa found packs of stolen cigarettes as well as tools used in the robberies.

It’s estimated the stolen items and damage to the stores totalled over €123,000.


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