A homesick teenage Ukrainian refugee was intercepted on a long-distance coach after his worried mother contacted police in Valencia.

The boy, 16, ran away from home and sent a text message to her.

He said he was heading back to his homeland which he and his mother left earlier in the year because of the Russian invasion.

The worried parent went to a Valencia police station on Sunday and told officers about the message.

She said her son made it very clear that he had boarded a coach at Valencia’s bus station to take him back to Ukraine.

Police narrowed down the options to two services that left within an hour of each other.

They located the coach the boy was on and discovered that it was still in Spain.

It was making a rest stop in northern Catalunya at La Junquera- close to the French border.

A call was made to La Junquera police who boarded the coach and took the teenager into protective custody.


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