CONFUSION reigned in Spain on Thursday after Transport Minister, Raquel Sanchez, said that mask wearing was ending for air travel- only for the government to correct what she said minutes later.

The status quo remains despite comments from Sanchez during a speech in Congress.

On Tuesday, Health Minister, Carolina Darias, said that mask wearing would continue to be mandatory on public transport as well as health facilities and care homes until a new booster vaccination programme is rolled out.

Speaking to Congress about removing air travel masks, Raquel Sanchez said: “With this modification we follow in the footsteps of the countries around us to enhance the competitiveness of the transport and tourism sectors.”

The government hastily corrected Sanchez saying that she only referred to airports and measures like taking temperatures or maintaining distances in airport queues.

The European Aviation Safety Agency and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control eliminated mandatory mask-wearing in airports and on board planes in May.

The final decision though was down to individual countries and airlines.


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