A patient who was refused a new prescription at Yecla’s Mariano Yago health centre returned an hour later with a gun and threatened to kill all the staff.

The 34-year-old man has been arrested by the Policia Nacional.

A second incident at the centre three days later saw a woman attack a doctor for which she was subsequently arrested.

It’s part of an increasing trend of verbal and physical threats being endured by medical staff across Spain.

The first incident in Yecla was on August 19 when the man showed up demanding that a doctor prescribe a specific course of medication.

He wasn’t happy when his request was refused and he returned within the hour with a gun.

Police described his attitude as ‘violent and aggressive’ including a specific threat to a doctor as he smashed some of the centre furniture.

Eyewitnesses said the situation was very violent for both doctors and patients, with the police summonsed.

The man reappeared three days later to repeat his death threats and was even more aggressive than the last time.

A female patient, 35, was in the centre’s waiting room on August 23 when her doctor told her that she could not see her because she had to go on an emergency home visit.

The woman did not take the news well and attacked the doctor, as well as making death threats and also taking out her frustration on the furniture.


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