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Doctors in Spain’s Andalucia to go on strike again

The Andalucian Medical Union has called for seven days worth of strikes until the end of May. Strikes are proposed to take place between...

Ten-year-old boy in Spain ends up in intensive care after hospital gives him ketamine overdose

A 10-YEAR-OLD child ended up in intensive care after a Madrid hospital accidentally administered him a dose of the tranquiliser ketamine that was meant...

Assaults on doctors hit record high in Spain 

THE NUMBER of violent acts suffered by medical professionals in Spain hit a new high in 2022, with a total 843 physical or verbal...

Spain’s Costa Blanca has third-highest number of health worker attacks and threats in the country

ALICANTE PROVINCE had the third-highest number of assaults and threats made to health workers in Spain last year according to the Policia Nacional. The region...

Angry patient with gun threatens to kill staff at Murcia region health centre in Spain

A patient who was refused a new prescription at Yecla's Mariano Yago health centre returned an hour later with a gun and threatened to...

Heat bumps: Doctors warn of surge of hive cases across Spain this summer

DOCTORS have observed a surge in the number of people suffering an outbreak of hives this summer in Spain thanks to the higher than...

EXCLUSIVE: Crisis at Torrevieja hospital on Spain’s Costa Blanca as doctors quit in their droves and patients wait ‘up...

DOCTORS at the Costa Blanca’s most beleaguered hospital have slammed the appalling working conditions and disgraceful levels of care. They told the Olive Press that...

Spain slammed over Basque Country woman forced to have caesarean section birth

A United Nations committee says a Basque Country woman should be compensated after being forced to have a caesarean section birth which involved having...

EXCLUSIVE: Doctors quit crisis-stricken hospital on Spain’s Costa Blanca despite ‘shock’ plan allegedly reducing emergency waiting times

DOCTORS are still resigning from Torrevieja Hospital, citing poor working conditions, despite an alleged reduction in emergency waiting times thanks to a 'shock' plan. The...

Doctors from across Spain’s Costa Blanca to prop up Torrevieja Hospital staff numbers this summer

DOCTORS from Alicante Province hospitals will be drafted in to boost staffing at Torrevieja Hospital during the summer holiday season. Valencia's new Health Minister, Miguel...

Mother regularly suffocated baby as excuse for hospital visits on Spain’s Costa Blanca

A 24-year-old Alicante woman has been arrested for allegedly mistreating her baby daughter by depriving her of air as a pretext for regular hospital...

Madrid’s doctors begin ‘indefinite strike’ over temporary work contracts

MORE than 11,000 doctors across Madrid’s hospitals have been called to an indefinite strike over temporary work contracts that began on Tuesday morning. A minimum...

Doctors worry over ending indoor mask wearing too soon as Covid-19 cases rise in Spain

AN end to compulsory indoor mask-wearing may not happen yet in Spain as Covid-19 infections start to rise again. Despite optimism from Prime Minister, Pedro...

Doctors win latest compensation fight over poor COVID-19 protection in Spain’s Valencia

A Valencia court has awarded 107 doctors at least €4,500 in compensation each for inadequate work protection during the early phase of the COVID...

Suicidal and self-harm helpline calls from young people in Spain dramatically rise during COVID-19 pandemic

SUICIDE is now the second-biggest cause of death, after cancer, among Spaniards aged 15 to 29 years, according to figures from the Spanish Asssociation...

Overstretched doctor calls police due to packed-out emergency area at Torrevieja Hospital on Spain’s Costa Blanca

STAFF at Torrevieja Hospital want their boss to resign after patients faced massive waits for emergency room treatment. The situation got so bad on Tuesday...

Hospitals and medical centres to relax restrictions in Costa Blanca and Valencia regions of Spain

FACE-TO-FACE appointments are being increased in Costa Blanca and Valencia medical centres and hospitals as COVID-19 cases continue to fall. Routine operations will be restored...

Hospital doctors across Spain’s Costa Blanca go on strike

RESIDENT doctors across the Valencian Community's hospitals went on indefinite strike from today(July 21) over their contracts and salaries. Representatives from the medical union, MIR,...

Spain is the country with the most coronavirus infections among healthcare personnel

SPAIN is the country that has the most coronavirus infections among healthcare personnel.

EXCLUSIVE: Southern Spain hospitals in British expat hotspot issue warning for ‘lethal’ painkiller Nolotil

After the drug claimed countless lives, a health network on the Costa Blanca has issued a recommendation to its medical staff to avoid prescribing Nolotil to Anglo Saxon and Scandinavian expats

British mother is suing travel company after daughter caught disease in Mallorca

Gemma Moran, alleges her eight-year-old daughter Clio caught the life-long disease after she was bitten by ticks while staying in a ‘disgusting’ apartment in Mallorca.

The future is here: Mixed reality headset helps cut surgery times in half in Madrid

Using Microsoft's Hololens surgeons were able to digitally interact with a patient's data, including CT scans, X-rays, and ultrasounds.

Malaga Council accused of falsifying hospital statistics

Benalmadena Hospital claims to be carrying out 2,000 more operations than three years ago

Malaga province has insufficient cancer care

Malaga is 12 oncologists short of the recommended number

Spain introduces FGM protocols

Central and regional governments have given the green light to the protocol, which outlines a comprehensive strategy for detecting, treating and preventing FGM in Spain

Health cuts see more than one million people to lose medical cover in 2015

Spain's Finance Ministry has slashed list of covered doctors and hospitals





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