DOCTORS have observed a surge in the number of people suffering an outbreak of hives this summer in Spain thanks to the higher than usual temperatures and repeated heatwaves.

Known as ‘heat urticaria’, the skin condition involving the sudden appearance of bumps or welts can be dangerous as it can cause a drop in blood pressure.

“It’s caused by extreme temperatures in the street, beaches, swimming pools and in the workplace and produces welts and swelling along with a lot of itching,” explained Dr Ignacio Garcia Nuñez, the head of allergology of Quirion’s hospital in Cordoba.

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Heat bumps: Doctors warn of surge of hive cases across Spain this summer. Image Flirck

He warned: “Patients can suffer low blood pressure which is dangerous because this can cause dizziness and even loss of consciousness,” he added.

He advises those who suffer an outbreak of hives to try and bring down their body temperature by cooling off in a cold bath.


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