WITH the effects of the drought more than visible, any rainfall in the province of Malaga will be more than welcome.

According to the weather forecast of the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET), cloudy skies and rainfall will be protagonists for several days.

Starting this Monday, October 10, cloudy skies are expected with the probability of occasional showers, specifically in the interior of the province, where they may be accompanied by locally strong thunderstorms.

Coastal areas will see a return of mist and haze, and dust in suspension is not ruled out—meaning any precipitations in the area could be accompanied by mud.

The capital of the Costa del Sol has a 65% chance of rain this morning, climbing to 80% as of noon.

Temperatures will remain unchanged, seeing highs of 25ºC in Ronda, Antequera and Velez-Malaga and 24ºC degrees in Marbella and Malaga city.

Lows will range between 14ºC in Ronda and 19ºC in Malaga city.

A similar scenario will play out on Tuesday, with rain once again forecast for the early hours of the day. The afternoon will see clearings open in the west, with instability more persistent in the area of Axarquia.

Tuesday will see a slight drop in temperatures with highs of 23ºC forecast for Malaga city, 22ºC in Antequera and 21ºC in Ronda. Lows will remain similar to Monday.

Any rainfall on Wednesday is more likely to fall in the mountainous areas of the province rather than the coasts.

Skies will clear by Thursday giving way to a sunny weekend forecast.

While any rain is welcome, it will take much more than a few passing showers to make a meaningful dent in Malaga’s drought conditions, which ended the water year on a very negative note.


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