THE Malaga Christmas lights, one of the highlights of the festive period, will be switched on at the end of November in line with previous years.

Unlike other Andalucian cities, such as Sevilla, which will delay the inauguration date of the lights to December 5 with the aim of reducing light consumption and raise awareness about energy saving, Malaga will stick to switching on the Christmas lights at the end of November, specifically November 26, the same day as last year.

As an energy saving measure Malaga has opted instead to turn the Christmas lights off two hours earlier, cutting the overall number of hours the lights are on, a measure that will be taken only on weekdays.

Consequently, from Monday to Friday the lights will be turned on at 6:30pm and will be switched off at midnight.

Weekends and the eve of public holidays will see the same lighting hours as previous years, with the festive lights turned off at 2am.

It is estimated that turning off the Christmas lights two hour earlier will represent a saving of €7000 in relation to the €21,072.3 spent in 2021.

This reduction will also see some four tons less of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere.


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