THE City Council of Estepona has discovered an important archaeological site with remains of prehistoric times, belonging to the Lower Paleolithic, the earliest subdivision of the Old Stone Age, in Las Mesas de Saladavieja.

The discovery has been made in an area located next to the town city centre, with remains from more than 128,000 years ago and has become the first of its kind to be excavated in the Western Costa del Sol.

The discovery was announced last Thursday, October 20, by the City Council.

Among the remains discovere is a set of lithic artefacts (tools made of stone before the appearance of metal), which were used to extract fat and hair from animal skins, to separate meat from bones and to polish wood and bone.

These remains, after being studied, have become part of the collection of the Municipal Archaeological Museum, where they will remain on display in a space dedicated to the Paleolithic era.

In addition to the prehistoric remains, archaeologists have also unearthed in this area the remains of a Roman site, possibly a farm about 2,000 years old, including a Alquerque, which is a strategy board game that is thought to have originated in the Middle East and is considered to be the parent of draughts and used for entertainment at the time.


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