A Petrer man found himself seriously out of pocket when he paid the bill in a local bar.

The visually-impaired customer used the Bizum instant payment service for his €9.30 bill.

Unfortunately when entering the total, he keyed in €930 by mistake, after forgetting a comma.

He didn’t realise what happened for a few days but was rebuffed when he returned to the unnamed bar to demand a €920.70 refund.

The owner told him to go to court to claim the sum back.

He added that he used the bonus money to pay off a debt and apparently his accounts are now frozen.

The owner was visited by the Policia Nacional after the victim complained.

He said he would make things right the next day, but no payment was forthcoming.

He admitted that the money was not his but that his solicitor had advised him not to pay it until the matter goes to court.

A judge will hear the case in Elda for November 11.

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