POLICE finally arrested a man after he allegedly attacked various people in Malaga, including an elderly woman, for no apparent reason.

The man knocked out a 71-year-old woman with her own handbag as she walked down the street with her daughter and assaulted an underage tourist on his violent rampage through city of Malaga streets.

The episode took place on October 20 when he marched down the street in a fit of rage.

Members of the public made up to seven phone calls to the 092 emergency number about his actions, with local police quickly arriving on the scene soon after.

But they couldn’t prevent the man now accused of assault and resisting police of knocking the septuagenarian to the ground unconscious after hitting her on the head with her bag.

A group of people finally managed to pin him down for just enough time until police arrived on the scene.

As the long hand of the law tried to detain him, he reacted with ‘extreme violence’, officers said, screaming while he punched and kicked them.

He even hit one of the officers on the arm before they finally managed to restrain him and cart him away to the police station.

The incident followed another unprovoked crime recently where another man sexually assaulted a woman on Malaga streets.


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