POLICE resources in Elda, Alicante Province, were diverted to an apartment visit to see if a pensioner was breeding geckos.

Tiny geckos are a familiar site on buildings- especially in the warm months- and have an added bonus that they feed on mosquitoes and other pests.

Juan Romero, 77, was left speechless when one of his neighbours denounced him for keeping a gecko as a pet with the aim of using it for breeding.

He faced a potential fine of up to €300.

Juan Romero Denuncia

The frivolous denuncia stated that it was causing a ‘lot of inconvenience’ and that Romero was breaking local animal ownership rules.

Elda’s Animal Protection department then got the local police to visit him and inspect his home.

The police report said that ‘it may be that Mr.Romero plays with the gecko but the possibility of breeding it is almost impossible’.

It added that during summer, the reptiles appear ‘very easily on balconies and windows to feed’.

Juan Romero told the regional A Punt TV channel: “This has been ridiculous and an outright lie.”

“I don’t know why Elda council gave any credibility to this, and I don’t know whether to laugh or cry” he added.


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