THE first ever cases of avian flu among humans in Spain have been confirmed by the World Health Organisation(WHO).

The two infections were among farm workers in Guadalajara province.

The Spanish cases are only the second and third among humans in Europe, following one UK case in 2021.

There have been 868 confirmed worldwide cases since 2003, with 456 deaths.

An outbreak of avian flu among birds on the Guadalajara farm was detected on September 20, with safety measures subsequently imposed, said the WHO.

The first human infection came seven days later in a 19-year-old employee.

A second case was reported on October 13 involving a 27-year-old worker who was involved in cleaning measures at the farm.

Both people have recovered and subsequent tests showed they continued to be in the clear.

A WHO spokesperson said there is no evidence of person-to-person transmission.

Symptoms vary from no obvious signs through to coughs and fever.


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