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Walkers and cyclists will have priority on the roads over cars, Gibraltar’s new Highway Code reveals

834.2 2022

PEDESTRIANS will get first priority in a new hierarchy of road users created by Gibraltar’s Ministry of Transport in the revised Highway Code.

Minister for Transport Paul Balban launched the updated version of the Highway Code after Britain did the same earlier this year.

Road safety was the central theme of the new highway code, the government said in statement Tuesday.

It will ‘promote a healthy, sustainable, and efficient transport system, be it on foot, bicycle, using public transport or by private car,’ the Ministry of Transport affirmed.

It not only applies to Gibraltar but situations, signs and advice for driving abroad.

“The revision of the Highway Code will make our roads safer for the most vulnerable road users, in particular, those walking and cycling,” Balban said.

Pedestrians will therefore have the most privilege in the new hierarchy of road users, as they are the most vulnerable.

Walkers will now have priority to be on the road if they are waiting to cross, not only if they are already crossing when a vehicle approaches them.

This will apply at all spots on roads, not just on zebra crossings.

Cyclists will be next on the hierarchy, forcing motor vehicles to give way to them and allow them the space they need on their journey.

The revision will see new safe speed and overtaking distances come into force to protect road users like cyclists.

Breaking these rules could not only incur fines and points on the licence.

The transport ministry said the Highway Code could now be used as a way of proving liability for people to sue bad drivers.

“These changes will bring the rules of the road into the twenty-first century, and will bring with it new concepts,” Balban said.

He added that it would encourage people ‘to respect and consider the needs of other road users to ensure that everyone knows what is expected of them, whilst protecting the most vulnerable’.


A judge has ordered the Valencian Ministry of Health to compensate 150 Alicante health workers who did not have any proper PPE equipment in the early phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Alicante court says doctors, nurses, and health support staff are entitled to compensation amounts varying between €5,000 and €49,180 for 'personal and moral damages'. There has been no comment from the Valencian government or Health Ministry. It's presumed that an appeal will be launched against the ruling. The lawsuit was filed against the regional Health Ministry by the Sindicato Medico(Medical Union). It claimed compensation on behalf of 150 Alicante area members for the 'non-compliance' of the Ministry for not providing safety protection between March and May 2020. The Alicante court ruling obliges each worker to get €5,000 if 'they were forced to work without adequate protection elements'. The payout is €15,000 for 'each workers who had to go into isolation if they were in contact with anybody infected with COVID-19'. A €35,000 payment is ordered for any worker 'infected with COVID-19 but who did not require hospital admission'. Any health worker who did catch the coronavirus and was hospitalised will get the highest amount of €49,180. The Sindicato Medico says that it is pleased by the recognition the court has given its members and pointing out the 'negligent attitude towards health and safety' of health workers. Similar claims have been filed in other courts in the Valencian Community.
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