MOTORISTS are having speeding fines cancelled after complaining about inaccurate speed limit signs on the N-332 on the Orihuela Costa.

The DGT traffic authority has relented after a string of penalties in recent months on the Campoamor stretch of the highway.

The €100 fines had been clocked up by a fixed point radar camera which has been withdrawn from service.

The DGT said it scrapped the penalties after in effect saying it ‘did not trust’ the results of the camera.

Officials say the unit’s removal from operation was nothing to do with the penalties, but because it was too close to a cycle way and vandalism was taking place on almost a daily basis.

Anybody that has already paid a fine they feel was unfairly generated by the Campoamor camera can apply for a refund.

The issue involves a sign saying that a 70 kilometre per hour speed zone has ended.

Since the N-332 is a dual carriageway with a hard shoulder, the rules say drivers can travel up to 100 kilometres per hour.

The radar camera thought differently and clocked up a stack of offenders for exceeding 80 kilometres per hour.

Taxi driver, Jose Miguel Sanchez Flores, told the Informacion newspaper that he was fined five times in September with €100 penalties on each occasion.

He appealed to the DGT and the fines were withdrawn.


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