A Valencia area parcel company was defrauded of €469,000 when it was hit by invoices from a luxury goods distributor based in Poland.

The three scammers placed online orders to the Polish firm saying the Valencia courier firm would pay for everything.

They even concocted bogus bank transfer documents as proof of payment for the goods.

The trio received 617 unpaid parcels backed up by fake documentation.

A man in charge of the con had numerous police records for similar crimes.

A store room was rented to house the products but it became too small as the items poured in, resulting in a move to larger premises in Valencia City.

Most of the products were sold to friends at cut price rates.

The Policia Nacional recovered 252 luxury branded items as well as two mobile phones and €250 in cash.

The scammers- two men and a woman- have been arrested with the ring-leader remanded into custody.


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