NEW COVID-19 cases in Gibraltar jumped from 12 to 18 in a week, with two more people dying from the disease recently.

A total of 110 Rock residents have now perished with the coronavirus, most of them in January 2021 before the vaccines arrived from UK.

Of the 18 new cases, 16 are residents and two are visitors.

Luckily, none of these are in elderly homes, but two of them now in the COVID-19 ward at St Bernard’s Hospital.

It brings the number of confirmed cases in Gibraltar to over 20,000 since the pandemic began.

The UK then delivered lifesaving vaccines to the Rock, making it one of the first places to get widespread inoculation.

Health authorities have now given over 41,000 people three vaccine shots.

A few hundred more elderly and vulnerable people have received the third and fourth boosters.

Gibraltar Health Authority has dispensed over 4,000 shots of the latest omicron booster this autumn.

Health chiefs have also offered flu jabs as they prepare for what could be an expected winter outbreak of both viruses.


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