A sacked Murcia region bank manager has lost a bid to get his job back after stealing €8,335.

He came up with a novel argument before a Cartagena court- namely that he suffered from an illness which forced him into ‘impulse buying’.

He told judges that he even went to a mental health facility to get treatment.

The court said that he committed a ‘very serious offence’ and that his employer was totally justified in sacking him.

A psychiatrist who appeared as an expert witness at the hearing said the man did not prove to him that his powers of reasoning were nullified by his condition.

A written court ruling agreed with the expert, saying that though ‘it is possible the purchasing was compulsive, he still had the ability to know what was wrong’.

The court also said the manager should have told his bosses about his issues, which could have seen him moved to another position within the bank.

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