A NEW €2 million bus lane was opened today for commuters travelling from Malaga and the metropolitan area to the Malaga TechPark in a bid to alleviate rush hour congestion.

The BUS-VAO lane (VAO which means passenger vehicles) will be reserved for buses and cars carrying multiple people  – single occupant cars will be forbidden from using the lane.

The dedicated lane runs along the A-7056 between the A-357 and A-7054 motorways towards the entrance of Malaga TechPark (formerly Andalucia Technology Park). 

Bus Lane Credit Spanish Govt 3.jpg
The bus lane will run along the A-7056 between the A-357 and A-7054 towards the Malaga Tech Park. Credit: Ministerio del Interior

The new lane will be located on the right lane of the Campillos exit of the A-357 road at link number 61 and on the right lane of the A-7056 road towards the tech park. 

Initially the lane will be active on weekdays from 6:30am to 9:30am.

Bus Lane Credit Spanish Govt 2.jpg
The lane will be dedicated towards buses, passenger cars and motorbikes. Credit: Ministerio del Interior

As many as 25,000 vehicles pass through the roads leading to the tech park each morning to serve the 600 companies based there and the 20,000 employees who staff them.



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