AFTER two years of restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this Christmas will be the first ‘normal’ Christmas since 2019 and will see a total of 2,725 National Police and Civil Guard officers reinforce public safety in the province of Malaga over the festive days.

According to the subdelegate of the Spanish government in Málaga and the spokesperson for the PSOE in Málaga City Hall, Javier Salas, Malaga province will be provided with the ‘necessary personnel’ so that the Christmas period is celebrated with ‘as peacefully as possible.’

Salas has indicated that the main objective of this reinforcement is “to protect the trade sector, citizens and tourists who visit us during this period in which commercial activity increases significantly throughout the province”.

Police work will be intensified with specific operational devices in those places where there are crowds of people, especially in shopping and leisure areas, the busiest streets of large and medium-sized cities, Christmas markets and areas where street entertainment has been programmed.

There will be a particularly strong presence for the night shifts on December 24 and 31 and the morning shifts on December 25 and January 1, as well as during the Three Kings parades across the province.


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