THE Malaga City Council, through the Department of Security, will implement a security device, for today’s ‘Cabalgata de Reyes’.

A total of 207 local police officers have been assigned exclusively to ensure the safety of the crowds during the Three Wise Men Parade in Malaga this evening, January 5.

The plan includes the reorganisation and control of traffic closures so that the parade can pass through the streets along its route, both on these roads and on those under their influence.

This year the parade will not pass through the busiest parts of the city centre like Calle Larios, rather it will take place on wide roads and spaces to avoid crowds.

The Local Police, together with 36 Civil Protection volunteers, will control the route of the itinerary, as well as the pedestrian crossings enabled within the following itinerary of the Parade: Malaga City Hall, Avda. de Cervantes, Plaza General Torrijos, Paseo del Parque, Plaza de la Marina, Alameda Principal, Puente de Tetuan, Calle Nazareno del Paso, Calle Hilera, Puente de la Esperanza, Calle Prim, Calle Atarazanas, Calle Puerta del Mar, Alameda Principal, Plaza de la Marina, Cortina del Muelle and back to Malaga City Hall.

In addition to the over 200 local police officers patrolling the area, there will be 113 uniformed and plainclothes members of the National Police Corps who will also aid to guarantee the safety of both the participants and the public who gather to enjoy the parade.

Meanwhile, the Guardia Civil will participate in the control and surveillance of the road accesses to Malaga, as part of the operation established by the Directorate General of Traffic.

The Association of Civil Protection of the City Council will also be responsible for bringing ambulances and health services if required and will have access to the more than 600 defibrillators that make up the Malaga Cardioprotegida network.

The streets along the route of the parade will be progressively closed to traffic from 6am today, January 5, until midnight.


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