TORREVIEJA is home to the largest Ukrainian community in Spain according to municipal padron figures.

The Costa Blanca city has always been a big draw for international residents with 121 countries registered- making up 45.55% of the 91,000 population.

Ukrainians always had a strong presence in Torrevieja but number shot up with an influx of refugees caused by last year’s Russian invasion.

UK residents have always held the top position in the padron figures but have slipped to third behind Russian nationals in second, with Ukraine at the top.

The city now has 5,771 registered Ukrainians, followed by Russians(4,932), and UK nationals(4,815).

UK registration has fallen steadily over the last 14 years. down from the heady days of around 14,000 Brits.

Torrevieja has a very active Ukrainian Association which has been kept especially busy in the last year.

The group was given an office in the city’s Habaneras Shopping Centre as a base last spring to act as a collection point for aid to the war torn country.

Ukraine’s Independence Day on August 24 was marked with a day of celebration at Torrevieja’s Park of Nations, and the local council has provided aid and support to refugees.


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