VALENCIA’S Fallas festival in February and March could be getting a firecracker ‘quiet zone’ to offer some respite for both humans and their pets.

Valencia mayor Joan Ribo has indicated he will look at the possibility of a daily time slot when firecrackers cannot be set off.

The Fallas start on February 26 culminating in Fallas week between March 14 and 19.

Visiting the El Grao district of Valencia on Thursday, Ribo was asked for his response to the news that a petition had been organised to demand a period without firecrackers to give dogs and other animals a breather from all of the news.

Ribo stated that though pyrotechnics are a ‘fundamental element’ of Valencia, he was willing to look at any proposals.

“I think that the elements have to be combined, of course,” said Ribo, who acknowledged that the noise of pyrotechnics ‘bothers pets’ and also some people.

“We have to understand that we are in a city where pyrotechnics are a fundamental element of culture but we are going to try to combine the two things,” added the mayor.

Asked about introducing a quiet zone between 2.30 pm and 4.30 pm, Ribo said he would ‘raise it’ with Fallas organisers.

“This is possible following the daily celebration of the ‘mascletas’ at 2.00 pm to take advantage of the fact that it is a time to eat,” said Ribo.

Whatever the mayor and organisers choose to do, it will be hard to stop individuals letting off the firecrackers at any time, especially with the long-standing traditions behind them- despite that some people hating them for what they do to their pets.

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