A NEW Gibraltar government plan will ‘make cycling and walking the natural choices for short journeys’ by creating new bicycle routes and improving walking areas.

Minister for Transport Paul Balban said the Active Travel Strategy would make streets safer and more comfortable for cyclists and pedestrians.

He said it was ‘an evolving document’ that was a key part of the Sustainable Traffic and Transport Plan (STTPP) of March 2017.

It would include specifically marked cycle routes and bike parking.

The strategy details ambitious plans to make Gibraltar a ‘15-minute city’ where residents can fulfil all their working, shopping, health and education needs by cycling or walking.

It aims to improve pavements to make them more attractive for walkers using contrasts in colour and tone.

It will put up timed walkways to show people how long it takes to certain locations.

Balban also plans to redesign road crossings for walkers and wheelchair users.

Government courses on bike handling will increase residents’ confidence and knowledge of bicycles, it says.

The government will increase funding of electric bicycles by 20% to a maximum of £500.

The document details plans for extensive cycle routes around the whole of the city.

Some of those will be one-way, others will be two-way and some will be part of the street.

It will look to promote more cycle and walking tours for tourists.

Changes to the traffic code already force drivers to keep a 1.5 metre distance from cyclists on the road.


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