A COURT has found a man who attacked a woman with a knife and scissors, leaving her begging for her life, guilty of assault.

Kaylan Scaniglia. 23, left his barely 18-year-old victim with multiple bruises and a damaged phone during the assault last summer, GBC reported.

Magistrate Charles Pitto called the attack ‘harrowing and humiliating’ as he delivered his verdict.

The court heard the victim screaming in pain as she begged Scaniglia to let go of her on a recording played by prosecutors.

Pitto convicted the man of Assault occasioning Actual Bodily Harm and common assault.

Scaniglia will remain behind bars until his next court appearance on February 14.

The magistrate asked for a pre-sentencing report which would determine just how long he would spend behind bars.

Courts can imprison ABH offenders for as long as five years under current laws.

It follows similar violent attacks by men on women across Spain, one of the much documented evils of gender violence.


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