A 31-year-old gaming saloon worker in Benidorm stole €18,992 from her employer and shoved most of it back into the establishment’s machines.

The saloon owner suspected that one of his employees had a hand in till as money kept on disappearing.

Daily cash register read-outs did not match and he checked the security cameras to discover a woman had been stealing stealing from him.

The surveillance footage also showed her gambling away the stolen cash in machines on the premises.

She has been arrested by the Policia Nacional on a misappropriation charge and bailed by a Villajoyosa court.

The Policia Nacional have also reported the arrest of another dishonest employee in Alicante.

A 34-year-old man worked as a delivery driver for a parcel company, but kept 12 packages for himself- valued at €1,588.

The employee stole parcels assigned for delivery by his colleagues so that no suspicion would fall on him.

The company manager got reports from unhappy customers that packages had not arrived and he decided to set a trap to flush out the thief.

Two ‘dummy’ packages were placed on the ‘send list’ and the unaware worker duly obliged by taking them home with him.

He was reported to the Policia Nacional who hauled him in front of an Alicante judge, who granted him bail.

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