MALAGA is set to celebrate its big date with the red carpet; the 26th edition of the Malaga Film festival is about to begin, and for the first time in three years will do so without restrictions.

For ten days Malaga transforms into the epicentre of Spanish cinema and brings thousands of people to the city eager to attend the premieres and screenings of the best films on the national scene.

This year the Malaga film festival aims to promote and celebrate cinema from the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking worlds and will run between March 10 and 19.

A total of 2,322 audiovisual productions were registered for this year’s date with cinema in Malaga, 20% more compared to last year’s 1,949.

This edition’s Official Selection comprises 22 films, including director Elvira Lindo’s debut  ‘Alguien que cuide de mí’, honoured as the opening film.

Additionally, as in previous editions the Malaga Film Festival will feature a wide variety of events apart from film screenings such as workshops, conferences, and awards ceremonies.

The festival will take place in various locations throughout the city of Malaga, with the main venue being the historic Cervantes Theatre located in the heart of the city’s old quarter.

The Malaga Film Festival is one of the most important events in the Spanish film industry, a vibrant celebration of cinema in the beautiful city of Malaga.


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